Flame Factory Rear 4.4mm Disc

The Moto-Master Factory 4.4mm Flame Disc is the perfect solution for heavy rear-brake draggers due to the extra thickness 4.4mm rear disc. The extra thickness makes it withstands extremely high temperatures.

  • The FLAME design aids in the cooling and cleaning of the contact surface, and is unsurpassed in modulation and feel.
  • Extra thickness 4.4mm rear disc to withstand extremely high temperatures.
  • Ideal for rear brake draggers.
  • The FLAME Factory 4.4mm discs are laser cut, CNC machined, and precision double-grinded for perfect fitment and flatness
  • For best performance we recommend using Moto-Master brake pads with the matching pad compound that best suits your type of riding.
  • Winningest design in today’s Motocross GP racing.
Flame Factory rear disc

Brake Dragger?

This one is for you. The extra thickness of the Factory Rear disc 4.4mm helps withstand extremely high temperatures.


Much of the superior performance of a Moto-Master Flame disc lies embedded within its unique FLAME design.