Flame Rally 298mm Disc

When racing cross-country at high speeds while carrying the additional weight of extra fuel and navigation equipment, you need double the amount of stopping power over a standard MX setup. Enter the Moto-Master Flame Rally disc.

  • 298mm disc delivers extra stopping power needed for high speed Rally racing.
  • Flame design offer optimal cooling and unsurpassed smooth and more predictable braking action, which allows you to brake harder.
  • This rotor is standard issue for many factory teams in the DAKAR.
  • CNC machined, black anodized, aircraft aluminium inner carrier,
  • This rotor must be used in combination with our matching Rally caliper adapter which features a double ICO connector.
  • Multiple World Rally Championship and 10-time Dakar winning setup.

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Much of the superior performance of a Moto-Master Flame disc lies embedded within its unique FLAME design.