How to choose a Supermoto disc?

Moto-Master offers three different Supermoto Discs. Below is an info guide to make your choice easier by showcasing the differences and unique features.

Target groups:

1. HALO Supermoto Racing T-Floater Disc:

  • For Supermoto riders looking for the best Racing brake setup possible*. (Non ABE, track use only)

2. Flame Supermoto Racing Disc:

  • High performance racing setup for advanced hobby and professional level Supermoto racing.* (ABE approved)

3. Flame Supermoto Street Disc:

  • Budget friendly yet highly effective Dirtbike to Supermoto conversion.
  • For recreational Supermoto riding and an occasional visit to the race track (ABE Approved)

* For best performance add Moto-Master Radial Master Cylinder.